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Nuntius is a publishing project which has lived through a whole era of changes. Originally written in MIVA during the years of 1999 to 2003. Then converted into PHP around 2003. Then, finally, it was converted into an ASP.NET forms C# application around 2009. As of today, the application has ended up as an ASP.NET MVC5 C# application based on REST-services with cloud integrations towards Azure and Microsoft SharePoint Online.

Even though Nuntius was responsible for a revolution in how dog races were covered by the media in Scandinavia and USA (Alaska) during the years of 2000-2007, it has never been a goal to make this a commercial success. Why? Because it is my playground - it's my lifelong code training project - a way for me as a developer to be able to try out the wild things, check out the new stuff, crash it, work on new datastorage strategies, puzzle with strange integrations and much more. So, this is - and will probably - solely be my private, little sandbox also in many years to come.

If you're a small, not-commercial organization with needs I find interesting or challenging, don't hesitate to contakt me. In case I find the challenge good enough, I may offer you both development and a Nuntius site for free - at least for a while!


Over the years, I have been working with many CMS systems from which I have grabbed ideas and great techniques. This have become my experience upon which I continously embark processes of harvesting and merging different good stuff into one good stuff: my stuff.

Among many systems, there are two systems that have influenced me the most.

eWay: content publishing is all  about search expressions and content/object-tagging: everything lives everywhere and belongs to no location. It must be found. Unfortunately, eWay is dead. Nuntius lives.

SharePoint: it's all about content types - and lists. Nuntius has brought the lists further: it is broaden by giving them the ability to relate to each of the contained objects by search, hard referencing, relative referencing or explicitly inclusion while still being as a forced collection.


Nuntius is solely a publishing product. It is not an applications that handles documents and stuff. But when it comes to publishing, Nuntius provides me with unique opportunities!

The power and excellence comes from the content presentation model (searchexpressions), the pagelayout/template model and the lists- and the item template model, both inherited ideas from SharePoint and eWay and merged into MVC-templates available either in the cloud, on mother or on the local application server. With these simple starting points, I can set up a site, structure, pages and even fill it with content faster than I was ever able to do in any other system.

Nuntius is intentionally avoiding fancy javascripts to present content. This is going against the tide since everybody else seems to love Angular and Knockout. Why? At standard runtime Nuntius serves plain, cached html - which saves time spent on server processing and transmission. Plain html is always served faster than any js generated content. I learned the lesson of need for light and speedy load when I covered the Iditarod Finish back in 2003 or so. It works. Nuntius uses it. Now.

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